Confident Drivers

Learn to stay calm and confident while driving

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Do you love the idea of driving wherever you want but just feel too nervous?

Do you find it hard to concentrate or feel panicky during driving lessons?

Maybe you love your driving lessons but struggle with test nerves?

If you find it hard to concentrate and remain calm in the driving seat then this confidence toolkit can help you!

We have brought together a range of psychological techniques to help you learn to be more confident while driving, however they are not a quick fix! They will take a few minutes of time commitment from you each day as you learn, practise and develop your confidence skills, BUT they will be worth it and these life skills are transferable into other areas of your life that you feel nervous or lack confidence. 

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The starting point is working out when and what makes you nervous or anxious – then you can start learning the technique which is going to work the best for you.

There are a bundle of techniques in the toolkit all adapted to help specifically with your driving. You do not have to try them all – choose the one that you are most drawn to that matches your specific need and ignore the ones that do not appeal. The toolkit currently includes:

Relaxation Techniques


Positive Self-talk

Breathing Exercises

Hypnotherapy Audios - Driving Confidence & Driving Test Nerves


Meridian Tapping

and a Six Week Mindfulness course

There is also information about the techniques and how they develop your confidence. You can share this with your driving instructor or family and friends so that they are aware of how they can help you too!

Imagine you could drive calmly, confidently and safely wherever and whenever you want.

The good news is you can learn confidence in the same way that you can learn to drive a car safely!

What freedom would it give you?

How would it change your life?

How would it make you feel?


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