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Meet the people behind Confident Drivers

Every year thousands of potential new drivers struggle to gain their license due to driving nerves and stress. 
It is this that has led to the story behind Confident Drivers which is designed to support both ADIs, nervous drivers and learner drivers to conquer their nerves, control their anxiety and develop confidence on the road.  
The website and its resources have been created by husband and wife team Kev and Tracey with some help from hypnotherapist Joline.

Tracey Field, BSc (Hons) Psych, Dip Stress Management Training
Tracey Field, BSc (Hons) Psych, Dip Stress Management TrainingMindfulness & Stress Management practitioner
I am a trained mindfulness teacher qualified in stress management techniques and recently graduated from the Open University with a psychology degree. In my day job, I'm a holistic therapist working with cancer patients in a private medical clinic. I enjoy applying my knowledge and experience in stress management to different situations and settings. While I am not a driving instructor, I have been actively involved in the driver training industry for several years supporting Kev and his business, as well as writing articles, giving talks and delivering workshops to help driving instructors to support their nervous students.
Kev Field
Kev FieldThe Driving Confidence Coach
In recent years I have trained with the Coaching Academy to become a personal development and business coach and NLP practitioner and I aim to inspire and encourage others, through my passion for coaching, so that they can improve their driving confidence. I have a long background in the driving industry. As well as being a personal development coach, I am an experienced instructor and ADI trainer of over ten years and I wanted to find a way to support my pupils and offer a better learning experience. My experience in the driver training industry includes being a Grade A ORDIT registered instructor and I'm one of a handful of people that delivered the BTEC4 on behalf of the Tri-Coaching Partnership as well as being a Driver Metrics trainer. Previous to being an instructor I drove professionally and am able to drive anything from a forklift to an articulated lorry, gaining my HGV license at the age of 21. I combine my in-depth knowledge of road users and behaviour, driver training and coaching to empower you to achieve your driving goals.
Joline Saunders
Joline SaundersClinical hypnotherapist & NLP
I created the two hypnotherapy audios on the website and I help people overcome anxiety issues. Whether you have had a stressful or traumatic experience in the past and you haven’t been the same since, or your nerves are getting in the way of you performing well – we can work together to help you overcome it easily and comfortably. Working from a clinic Moreton-in-Marsh in the beautiful Cotswolds and also online by Skype or Zoom, I love helping people overcome whatever has been holding them back from achieving happiness. To work with me on a one-to-one basis visit my website
Intelligent Instructor Awards Silver Product of the Year 2024

How we have used our experience to create Confident Drivers

Tracey has chosen eight of the most effective stress management techniques and together we have combined our knowledge and experience to apply them to driving anxiety, stress and nerves.  We contacted Joline as she has experience helping others to overcome driving anxiety and we loved the sound of her voice on the hypnotherapy audios so knew our users would too.

A subscription to Confident Drivers gives immediate have access to the most effective stress management techniques to give users the best opportunity to overcome driving anxiety and fears.  Each technique has its own page with exercises, audio and video files, allowing users to trial and choose the ones that work best for them. One size does not fit all!

Kev and Tracey regularly give talks and presentations to driving instructors on overcoming driving nerves and worries.  We also wrote a series of monthly articles in DIA's Driver Trainer journal and have given opinon pieces for mainstream media.

We launched The Driving Confidence Podcast in order to help more more anxious drivers along with creating The Drive Calm Journal to offer a practical approach to building driving confidence.

Confident Drivers timeline - how we got here

Read our articles or hear us speak at:

Kev and Tracey delivering workshop
Kev Field delivering talk
Kev and Tracey Field TalkTV live appearance
Kev and Tracey Field delivering a workshop

In the Media

Sept 2023 - Woman Listen Up - The Driving Confidence Podcast is highlighted

July 2023 - TalkTV Live with Vanessa Feltz about a report that female drivers and safer than male drivers

July 2023 - Grazia Life Skills Ask The Expert - Here's how to combat driving anxiety (issue 859)

May 2023 - Our advice Don't Take a Deep Breath is quoted on Glamour website

May 2023 - Kev offers advice on over 70's drivers to ITV News Anglia (see clip below)

Christmas Eve 2022 - Kev is quoted offering advice in INews

December 2022 - Nervous Drivers Calming Kit is mentioned in Prima magazine

ITV News Anglia clip May 2023

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Confident Drivers was awarded 2nd place by The Open University for the New Business Challenge 2019 Student Entrepreneurship Competition.  Here is a short promo video they created with Tracey about the story behind Confident Drivers.

Articles, Help and Advice for Learner Drivers

Take a browse around our blog for articles written to help learner drivers and driving instructors recognise the most common reasons for experiencing driving nerves and confidence issues.  Each article offers strategies and suggestions that may help you.  Go to our main blog page to view the full range of articles to help.

Things to do when you can't have driving lessons

Things to do when you can't have driving lessons

Your driving goals are likely to need to be more flexible this year. So how can you keep learning and feel prepared for your driving lessons and test

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Build your driving confidence

Build your driving confidence

Increasing your belief in your capability to drive will, in turn, increase your driving confidence. So how do we do that? Self-efficacy theory suggests that self-confidence or belief in your abilities is dependent on several key factors...

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Have you considered hypnotherapy for driving nerves?

Have you considered hypnotherapy for driving nerves?

If you struggle with driving anxiety or driving test nerves you may well have wondered if hypnotherapy can help

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Are your driving lesson nerves caused by your thoughts?

Are your driving lesson nerves caused by your thoughts?

Learn ways of developing more helpful thinking styles which will help you reduce the signs and symptoms of your nerves and begin to feel more confident.

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Drive Calm Journal A twelve week prompt journal for anxious drivers

Drive Calm Journal : A Twelve week Prompt Journal for Anxious Drivers

  • Do you avoid driving whenever possible?
  • Do you feel like the only person who is anxious about driving?
  • Would you like to drive wherever you want, whenever you want?
  • Are you ready to take action to improve your driving confidence?
Follow the prompts, questions, exercises and reflections each week to create your own goal based action plan to work on your driving mindset.  Created by Kev & Tracey Field to help anxious drivers take action and track their progress over twelve weeks based on our unique Drive Calm® System.  
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