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Are you an ADI who would like a deeper understanding of your Nervous Drivers concerns?


While creating our ADI Nervous Drivers Calming Kit workshop we realised we had far more knowledge, experience and information that we could share with other ADIs who wanted to understand more about their students driving nerves, anxiety and confidence.

We are regularly approached by ADIs asking for our thoughts about their students and so we decided it was time to help others in the driving training industry to shortcut their own research into the minefield of nerves and anxiety and share what we have learnt so far.

Will this make you an expert?  No of course not, it takes years of study to become a psychotherapist or clinical psychologist.  However, if you would like to deepen your current understanding and collaborate with a group of like-minded ADIs to continue learning more over the coming months, not just during the six-week course then this could be the training you were looking for!

Would you like to learn:

The process we use when helping nervous drivers - all the questions we ask and why.

What flags we are looking for in the student's answers.

Which psych questionnaire we use, how to score it, and what it means.

Which stress management techniques are most appropriate based on the students' answers.

The psychological theory we use for boosting confidence.

And simple and easy ways to apply the theory in all driving lessons for all students.

We have created a six-week course with one live training over zoom a week.  Each week's training will be recorded, so you can catch up if you can not attend in person, and you can watch again to recap points of interest for your case study. 

nervous driver case study

Case Studies

Each instructor will be encouraged to work on 1-2 case studies from their current students.

As a group we will work on these case studies over the 6 weeks, building on what is learned each week.  So we work on that week's content, and then you will apply it to your case study.  You will build/complete the case study over the 6 weeks, using the Facebook group for help and support between modules.

Facebook Group

The course includes a private Facebook group to brainstorm, support, and share case studies with all the participants.  The aim is to build a library of case studies and follow-up knowledge on what worked and what didn’t.  Each time we run the course, future participants will also join the group so we have a constant flow of shared knowledge, learning and case studies.

Our aim is for the group to become a collaborative group of ADIs sharing their knowledge and experience when it comes to nervous drivers.  Becoming a resource that is full of shared practical knowledge and results (good and bad) that can be adapted for your individual student's needs.

driving nerves Facebook group

Is this something you would love to be part of? 

If so then put the following dates in your diary:

Wednesdays 19th, 26th October, 2nd, 9th, 16th & 23rd November

Early Bird Price for bookings before 30th September  £187

General Price £247

We have purposely kept the price low for the second launch of this course as a thank you to early adopters and of course in the hope that the course is a huge success for you and your students and you will be keen to give us glowing testimonials before we launch again at a higher price!

ADI Nervous Drivers Training Course

ADI Nervous Drivers Training Course

6 Live Training Modules

All modules recorded

Private Facebook Group

Create case studies for your own students 

Lifetime access

Early Bird Price before 30th September  £187

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ADI Reviews

Ian Davis was on our first launch of the course in June 2022, and here is what he has to say:

“I have just completed a six-week course as an ADI working with nervous drivers. The course was excellent Kev and Tracey made the whole course really enjoyable, learnt loads, their enthusiasm for the subject is unbelievable and course materials in abundance I’m so glad I completed the course it’s made me a better instructor. Thank you guys.”

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What makes us industry experts?

Actually, the term 'experts' makes us cringe somewhat! In reality, we see ourselves as people who have just undertaken additional training and qualifications in the area of nerves and confidence and are still researching and learning as we go.  Our aim is to share this additional knowledge with others. The website and its resources have been created by husband and wife team Kev and Tracey with some help from hypnotherapist Joline.  Kev is a highly experienced driving instructor as well as training other driving instructors to become the best at what they do.  Kev is also a personal development and business coach and NLP practitioner.  Tracey is a mindfulness teacher qualified in stress management techniques as well as recently completing her psychology degree with The Open University.

Tracey has chosen the most effective stress management techniques and together we have combined our knowledge and experience to apply them to driving anxiety, stress, and nerves.  We contacted Joline as she has experience helping others to overcome driving anxiety and we loved the sound of her voice on the hypnotherapy audios so knew our users would too. 

Kev and Tracey regularly give talks and presentations to driving instructors on the subject of overcoming driving nerves and worries.  We have also written a series of monthly articles in DIA's Driver Trainer journal.

Kev and Tracey Field
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What other ADIs are saying about Confident Drivers

Read more of our reviews from driving instructors on why they recommend Confident Drivers to their students on Trustpilot

I have been using the Confident Drivers website for a year now. It is my go to place of ADI reference when I am assisting a more nervous / anxious client /stressed during their learning to drive journey or test day nerves. The coaching wheel is my favourite coaching tool, my clients love watching their wheel evolve.

Confident Drivers provide an excellent service to both Learners and Driving Instructors. My learners have enjoyed the wealth of information and techniques to help them feel confident when driving or taking their driving test. I am seeing some really positive results in the learners that have used these resources.

Pupils love it and I've found it very useful myself. A great resource for people and not just drivers.

This is a fantastic website, I would highly recommend it for anyone taking their part 3 exam to become a driving instructor. It helped me stay calm and relaxed leading up to my date and assisted with staying positive. 

I also use it for my students, they too have found it supportive. Thank you

I own a driving school and we provide access to Confident Drivers for all of our instructors so they can enrol their clients as required. It's an excellent franchise benefit and the feedback has been extremely positive from ADIs and learners alike.

I came across Confident Drivers last night. I then decided to sign up this morning. I am glad I have its FAB, plenty of resources to help me and my students, and well worth the monthly cost.


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