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Are you an ADI who would like a deeper understanding of your Nervous Drivers concerns?

We have been helping nervous and anxious drivers one-to-one since 2018 and during that time have developed our step-by-step Drive Calm® system to help the drivers we work with understand and overcome their driving fears and get back on the road.

We are regularly approached by ADIs asking for our thoughts about their students, and so we decided it was time to help others in the driving training industry to shortcut their own research into the minefield of nerves and anxiety and share what we have learnt so far.

We started by creating our ADI Nervous Drivers Calming Kit workshop that uses a few simple but effective questions to help students during lessons.

Our six-week Drive Calm® course offers a more in-depth approach and allows us to share our knowledge with other ADIs who want to understand more about their students driving nerves, anxiety and confidence.  And be able to apply that in a practical way in every lesson to help their students build their driving confidence and manage driving anxiety.

Will the Drive Calm® course make you an expert?  No, of course not; it takes years of study to become a psychotherapist or clinical psychologist.  However, if you would like to deepen your current understanding and collaborate with a group of like-minded ADIs to continue learning more over the coming months, not just during the six-week course, then this could be the training you were looking for!

Would you like to take your interest further and gain a recognised qualification?

Find out more about Drive with Confidence: Stress Management, Anxiety Reduction and Confidence Building in Driver Training Drive with Confidence: Stress Management, Anxiety Reduction and Confidence Building in Driver Training  

course learning outcomes

The aim of this course is to enable ADIs to develop their knowledge and understanding of driving anxiety and basic psychology concepts for stress management and confidence building. 

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand the importance of a range of questioning techniques to support those with driving anxiety.
  • Analyse and interpret each individual's unique circumstances to identify potential causes of driving anxiety.
  • Design an action plan for each individual learner.
  • Adapt techniques to each driver's specific needs and circumstances in an in-car setting.


This six-week Drive Calm® course is for you if you would like the following:

  • All the questions we ask and why. 
  • Our questionnaire template (set up on Googe forms) to share with your students.
  • What clues we are looking for in the student's answers.
  • Feedback from us on your first student questionnaire responses.
  • A deeper understanding of student nerves and anxiety 
  • Simple and easy ways to apply confidence theory in all driving lessons for all students.
  • New techniques and tools to use with your students 
  • A private Facebook community with other ADIs to brainstorm, share ideas and discuss driving anxiety
  • A Highly Recommended pin on our Find an instructor map
  • To advertise as a Drive Calm® trained instructor
  • Immediate access to the ADI Nervous Drivers Calming Kit workshop to start learning straight away while you wait for the course to start

This is a six-week course with one live training over zoom a week which we aim to run 3X each year.

Each week's training is recorded, so you can catch up if you can not attend in person and watch again to recap points of interest for your case study.

** there is no role play and there are no break out rooms **

You can upgrade to the Drive with Confidence qualification programme at a future date.

Is this something you would love to be part of? 

If so then put the following dates in your diary:

Wednesdays  6.30pm - 20.15pm

19/6, 26/6, 3/7, 10/7, 17/7 and 24/7

Price  £447 

Instalments available on request

Missed the latest live modules?

You can still purchase the course to access all the materials and module recordings from March and April in your own time.

Then join us live on our current and our next cohort!

ADI Nervous Drivers Training Course

ADI Nervous Drivers Training Course

6 Live Training Modules

All modules recorded

Private Facebook Group

Questionnaire and Report templates 

Lifetime access (incl future cohort's live modules)

Immediate access to the ADI Nervous Drivers Calming Kit workshop

Price  £447 

Instalments available on request

Missed the latest live modules?

You can still purchase the course to access all the materials and module recordings from March and April in your own time.

Then join us live on our current and our next cohort!

Wednesdays 6.30pm - 20.15pm starting 19th June 2024

19/6, 26/6, 3/7, 10/7, 17/7 and 24/7

Book Here

ADI Reviews

Ian Davis was on our first launch of the course in June 2022, and here is what he has to say:

“I have just completed a six-week course as an ADI working with nervous drivers. The course was excellent Kev and Tracey made the whole course really enjoyable, learnt loads, their enthusiasm for the subject is unbelievable and course materials in abundance I’m so glad I completed the course it’s made me a better instructor. Thank you guys.”

EVERY ADI/PDI NEEDS THIS COURSE - I have had lots of different courses so far this is my favourite. Very friendly environment; KEV AND TRACEY have spent a lot of effort to create this course.  Another important piece of information is that this course is not only going to help you to deal with nervous learners, but you will also get lots of benefits for your personal development as well. Towards the end of the course, all my learners who have passed, passed first attempt and even a couple of them passed with zero faults. I enjoyed every session, thanks again I appreciate your hard work.”

The 6-week ADI Nervous Drivers Training course was fantastic! The first week I felt a little out of my depth, but Kevin and Tracey took time to speak with everyone at the beginning of each session to find out how the week had gone and answer any questions we had. They also spoke with me individually as I had a particularly anxious student due to her additional needs. It's really useful to have the sessions recorded so you can go back and re-look at them to refresh your memory, or when you have a student who could benefit from one of the many calming techniques this course covers. You're also given access to the course content slides so can download them and incorporate them into the in-car learning which is really useful and a great bonus. Thank you to Kevin and Tracey.”

“A fantastic course that provides excellent well thought out content with the flexibility to allow the delegates to take topics in a direction as well. Kev and Tracey presented in an excellent way, funny, informative and client centred.  They are obviously not only experts in this field but absolutely believe in it as well.  I thoroughly recommend the course”

nervous driver case study

Student Reports

Each instructor will be encouraged to work on 1-2 case studies from their current students.

Over the six weeks, you will build on what is learned each week and have the opportunity to try out different tools and techniques with those students.  Case studies do not need to be a formal written report.  We just ask that you commit to applying what you learn each week with your students and share your progress using the Facebook group for help and support between modules.

Included in the course is feedback from us on one student of your choice, where we analyse the student's responses to our questionnaire and produce a short video that we share in the group with our recommendations so everyone can learn from each other's case studies.

Feedback on our reports

“Thank you so much for the report. It's excellent, with much more detail than I was expecting. 

I'm sold on it; my learnings so far are that if you take a little time with the questionnaire with the pupil and then analyse the answers and compile the report, it gives a solid base to discuss how you can help them with their anxieties and help move them forward far easier than just plodding on with lessons. A bit like the GP giving you painkillers for a bad back...It might numb the pain but usually doesn't fix the problem!.”

“Thank you so much for this. Oh my goodness, everything you're saying makes complete sense!! I am so impressed at how accurate you are in your assessment of her based on her answers. It's almost as if you we sat in the car during her lessons!”

Facebook Group

The course includes a private Facebook group to brainstorm, support, and share experiences with all the participants.  The aim is to build a knowledge bank on what worked and what didn’t.  Each time we run the course, future participants will also join the group, so we have a constant flow of shared knowledge, learning and experiences.

Our aim is for the group to become a collaborative group of ADIs sharing their knowledge and experience when it comes to nervous drivers.  Becoming a resource that is full of shared practical knowledge and results (good and bad) that can be adapted for your individual student's needs.

driving nerves Facebook group

Kev and Tracey put so much work into the online courses and their website Confident Drivers and their Podcasts too, I am amazed they have any downtime. the #DriveCalm course I've just completed is fascinating and gives ADIs so many tips, techniques and tools to help our pupils to overcome many issues related to driving and also to help pupils develop skills to help them in everyday life too. I could wax lyrical about these two for hours. Thank you so much Kev and Tracey.”

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Tracey & Kevin are two of the most friendly and patient people you could ever meet. Their ADI Nervous Drivers Course was well-structured and interactive. I highly recommend this course to any ADI who wants to help anxious learners drive.”

What makes us industry experts?

Actually, the term 'experts' makes us cringe somewhat!  We prefer the term contributors.

In reality, we see ourselves as people who have just undertaken additional training and qualifications in nerves and confidence and are still researching and learning as we go. We aim to share this additional knowledge in a community of ADIs to help more nervous and anxious drivers.

The website and its resources have been created by husband and wife team Kev and Tracey with some help from hypnotherapist Joline.  Kev is a highly experienced driving instructor and ORDIT trainer.  Kev is also a personal development and business coach and NLP practitioner.  Tracey is a mindfulness teacher qualified in stress management techniques as well as recently completing her psychology degree with The Open University.

Tracey has chosen the most effective stress management techniques, and together we have combined our knowledge and experience to apply them to driving anxiety, stress, and nerves.  

Kev and Tracey regularly give talks and presentations to ADIs on overcoming driving nerves and worries.  We have also previously written monthly articles in DIA's Driver Trainer journal.

Kev and Tracey Field
As featured by:

“I recently took part in the Nervous Drivers Course, helping to equip ADIs. The sessions were well prepared and informative. Thoroughly recommended!”

What other ADIs are saying about Confident Drivers

Read more of our reviews from driving instructors on why they recommend Confident Drivers to their students on Trustpilot

I have been using the Confident Drivers website for a year now. It is my go to place of ADI reference when I am assisting a more nervous / anxious client /stressed during their learning to drive journey or test day nerves. The coaching wheel is my favourite coaching tool, my clients love watching their wheel evolve.

Confident Drivers provide an excellent service to both Learners and Driving Instructors. My learners have enjoyed the wealth of information and techniques to help them feel confident when driving or taking their driving test. I am seeing some really positive results in the learners that have used these resources.

Pupils love it and I've found it very useful myself. A great resource for people and not just drivers.

This is a fantastic website, I would highly recommend it for anyone taking their part 3 exam to become a driving instructor. It helped me stay calm and relaxed leading up to my date and assisted with staying positive. 

I also use it for my students, they too have found it supportive. Thank you

I own a driving school and we provide access to Confident Drivers for all of our instructors so they can enrol their clients as required. It's an excellent franchise benefit and the feedback has been extremely positive from ADIs and learners alike.

I came across Confident Drivers last night. I then decided to sign up this morning. I am glad I have its FAB, plenty of resources to help me and my students, and well worth the monthly cost.

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Drive Calm Journal A twelve week prompt journal for anxious drivers

Drive Calm Journal : A Twelve week Prompt Journal for Anxious Drivers

  • Do you avoid driving whenever possible?
  • Do you feel like the only person who is anxious about driving?
  • Would you like to drive wherever you want, whenever you want?
  • Are you ready to take action to improve your driving confidence?
Follow the prompts, questions, exercises and reflections each week to create your own goal based action plan to work on your driving mindset.  Created by Kev & Tracey Field to help anxious drivers take action and track their progress over twelve weeks based on our unique Drive Calm® System.  
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