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Articles, hints, tips and advice about driving nerves and anxiety for learner drivers and ADIs

The Confident Drivers blog is written for nervous drivers, learner drivers as well as driving instructors looking for ideas to support their clients.  

You might have passed your test but still be scared of driving, or aspects of driving such as fear of driving on the motorway or perhaps you are nervous about driving alone for the first time.

Or you may be a learner driver who is nervous about your first driving lesson or driving lessons in general.  Perhaps you are looking for ways to gain more driving confidence or ways to stay calm before and during your driving test.

If you experience driving anxiety then we would like to help so if you can not find an article that answers questions about your experience please get in touch and we will offer you our advice (and add a new blog article on the subject).

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Drive Calm Journal A twelve week prompt journal for anxious drivers

Drive Calm Journal : A Twelve week Prompt Journal for Anxious Drivers

  • Do you avoid driving whenever possible?
  • Do you feel like the only person who is anxious about driving?
  • Would you like to drive wherever you want, whenever you want?
  • Are you ready to take action to improve your driving confidence?
Follow the prompts, questions, exercises and reflections each week to create your own goal based action plan to work on your driving mindset.  Created by Kev & Tracey Field to help anxious drivers take action and track their progress over twelve weeks based on our unique Drive Calm® System.  
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