Mindful while driving

How can mindfulness reduce driving anxiety and driving test nerves?

You are probably already being mindful while driving without even realising it!  It is a skill we all have and use everyday without realising.  Choosing to use mindfulness to reduce driving anxiety and test nerves means that you are strengthening skills you already have and using them to your advantage.

Mindfulness is simply noticing what is happening around you, right now, on purpose and with curiosity

While driving you will be giving your full attention to what you are doing in order to drive the car, paying close attention to other road users and if you are learning you will also be listening to your driving instructor. By being more aware of the theory of mindfulness and consciously adding mindfulness exercises to your driving you could develop and strengthen your attention skills while driving, which in turn will help you feel more confident in your driving ability.  Mindfulness can help you notice and manage any unhelpful thinking habits that you have and be more aware of how your mood and emotions might impact your driving lessons and your future driving.  Driving anxiety is often created by a fear of what might happen in the future so concentrating on what is happening right now with mindfulness interrupts feelings of anxiety.