positive thinking while driving

Negative Thinking is a habit

Habits are developed over weeks, months and years and are a great time-saving solution. Once we have learnt and mastered an action we can daisy chain it with others until we have our daily routines organised on autopilot.

This daisy-chaining of actions and developing habits is the same process we undergo when learning to drive both that is a subject for a future blog!

How about thinking? Do you have any thinking styles, patterns or thoughts that have become a habit? Negative thinking can become a habit that is so automatic that it can be hard to break - or more concerning you may not even have realised that you are doing it!

Start to pay attention to the running commentary of thoughts going on in your head - notice if they are positive and helpful, neutral and factual or negative and unhelpful. Start to keep a record of any thinking habits you notice, which situations lead to which type of thinking and what feelings and emotions they provoke. Notice whether that leads to changes in your behaviour or choices. Then apply your new knowledge to your driving. Do your thinking habits influence your attitude and the way you approach driving? Being aware of how your thoughts can affect your driving behaviour and learning how to manage them can make you a safer driver as safety statistics suggest driver behaviour is a significant contributing factor in road incidents.

By becoming more aware of our thinking habits we are then able to challenge those habits and consciously practice and choose new ways of thinking.  Becoming more aware of how your thinking habits influence your emotions, feelings and behaviour can be the motivating factor for change.  If this sounds like you then you might want to try out the Self Talk, Coaching and Mindfulness sections of the website to help.

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