things to do when your driving instructor can't give you lessons

Driving tests have been cancelled for the coming months and with social distancing advice many driving instructors are no longer able to offer driving lessons and during lockdown only essential key workers will be allowed driving lessons and tests. This means your driving goals are likely to need to be more flexible this year. So how can you keep learning and feel prepared for your driving test when your driving instructor can't give your driving lessons? Here are our top tips on how to keep learning when your driving instructor can't give you driving lessons.

practice driving with a household member

Theory Test training

Theory tests have also been cancelled for the next few months. This will cause problems for those of you whose theory test runs out shortly and for those of you who have not taken your theory test yet as it will delay you passing your driving test. We recommend using this time to practise your theory test training to ensure you the best chance of passing your theory and keeping your driving goals on track. If you have already passed your theory then revisiting the training and practise is still a useful way of maintaining your driving skills between driving lessons. Theory Test Pro offers a limited resource that you can get started on for free.

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Catch up with reflection and planning ready to restart driving lessons

If your driving instructor uses a reflective log in your lessons catch up with a reflection on your last driving lesson and set some goals for when driving lessons resume. Confident Drivers subscribers can download an in-depth learning log to reflect on future lessons and how to prepare to achieve your future driving goals.

driving lesson planning

Best books to read while driving lessons have stopped

We know how frustrating it is now that driving lessons have stopped.
Driving lessons may have stopped but learning does not need to.
Why not use the time before restarting your lessons to prepare and learn more about the rules of the road. It will keep your current knowledge refreshed and you will feel ready to get back behind the wheel for lessons and pass your driving test.

Learn to drive Apps to try

We haven't trialled these ourselves but certainly the Official DVSA apps would be a good investment while you wait for driving lessons to restart

The Official DVSA Theory Test & Hazard Perception

£6.99 for the two apps in the bundle saving you 99p on the individual cost

Learn to Drive: Roundabouts

Cost £3.99
We know that roundabouts are a source of anxiety for many learners so why not learn the theory of roundabouts using this app while waiting for lessons to resume.

Learn to Drive

Learn driving with 3D animations. Free taster with In-App purchases


Cost £4.99
Driving Test simulation app for London test centres

Use the Confident Drivers Coaching wheel

We normally suggest the coaching wheel as a tool to help you manage driving test nerves. Instead you can use the coaching wheel to help you identify which areas of driving you would like to learn more about when you can't have driving lessons. You can then use this as a study plan while learning about road craft, observing other people's driving or watching your driving instructors YouTube videos on manoeuvres.

Would you like some extra help to get ready for your driving test?
Request our FREE coaching wheel to help you keep learning when driving lessons have stopped.

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Start planning for your
driving test

Download our driving test coaching wheel and put a plan in place to pass your driving test!

Using observations to practice

While nothing replaces experience from a driving lesson you can also begin learning or consolidate what you already know through observations. Observations and demonstrations are one of the key factors known to help build confidence. You can read more about other factors in our blog about confidence and Bandura's Theory of Self Efficacy. Does your driving instructor provide driving videos that you can watch on YouTube? Do any other local instructors? Can you learn by observing while you are a passenger? Alternatively why not try this animated online driving lessons simulator to fill in the gaps while your driving lessons have stopped.

Review your driving instructor

Your driving instructor is going through a really tough time right now as a self-employed person who can no longer run their business and has zero income. To help ensure your driving instructor is able to return to giving driving lessons in the future and help you achieve your driving goal please take a few moments to leave them a positive review. If they have their business listed on Google this will be the best place to review them, if not then leave a review on their social media pages. It will give you both a positive happy feeling!

Practice with a household member

Social distancing suggests that you should avoid being within 2 metres of other people outside of your household. This makes lessons with your driving instructor difficult so maybe you could consider practising your driving with household members instead (Please note this does not apply during lockdown when only essential trips are allowed). MyFirstUK are offering £100 off learner driver insurance using the code CONFIDENT DRIVERS which sounds like a great way to retain your driving skills when your instructor can't give you lessons.

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