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Troubleshooting Suggestions:

I've not received an email - Please check your junk or spam folders, if it is not there, then double check that your email address was entered correctly by getting in touch with us.  Even if you have not received your email you can still access the website using your email and password.

I can not find the menu - If you are using a tablet or mobile then look for the three lines in the top right corner and click there to show the menu.  If you are in the membership or account area of the website there is no main menu so use your phone or tablets back and forward buttons or use the membership menu at the bottom of each page.

The website appears to be frozen - Either use the refresh arrow to refresh the website or check to see if you have the site open multiple times on your device.  If so, close them all down and start again with a fresh link to the site.  We recommend you bookmark the site for ease of access - however, modern devices store previous versions of the website to speed up your access.  These stored versions can take a few days to 'catch up' with changes and improvements we make.  If you are having a problem it is sometimes worth starting with a completely fresh link to the website.

I've got an error message - If you are trying to do something and instead get an error message, try to take a screenshot of the message and then either email it to us or message us on Instagram or Facebook.  We can then either advise you what to do or send the message to tech support to get the problem rectified.

I have a monthly subscription and would like to upgrade to an annual plan - If you have a monthly plan you will receive an email 2 days before your plan automatically renews for another month.  At this point, you will need to cancel your monthly subscription through your account on the website or through your Paypal account.  Once your monthly subscription has finished you can sign up to the annual plan of your choice.

Still cannot find what you need?  Get in touch through our Get in Touch page