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Do you describe yourself as a nervous driver?

Did you pass your driving test sometime back but when you drive you actively avoid certain stressful situations? 

If you answered yes then our website has been developed especially with you in mind. And you are not alone!  According to a survey by Lloyds car insurance, 70% of motorists experience anxiety in difficult driving situations after they've passed their test.

Imagine you could drive calmly, confidently and safely wherever and whenever you want. 

The good news is, whether you are a newly qualified driver, or had your driving license for years, you can learn to overcome your driving fear and improve your driving confidence to become a calmer, safer and confident driver.  We have created a range of solutions especially for you:

* Our free confidence-building tool which can help you identify your current driving strengths and weaknesses and create a plan 

* Our Nervous Drivers Calming Kit offers the most effective techniques to help you manage your driving nerves (which includes hypnosis audios to help you overcome your driving fears)

* One-to-one coaching for driving confidence with one of the top driver trainers in the UK.

Coaching for Driving Confidence

Kev is a personal development and business coach as well as being a highly respected ORDIT registered ADI which means he not only teaches people to drive, but develops driving instructors to be the best they can be.  

Kev is able to combine his coaching with his in-depth knowledge of driving tuition to help you set driving goals, identify any gaps in your driving knowledge and understanding and challenge unhelpful thinking and beliefs that may be the cause of nerves and anxiety.  

The number of coaching sessions varies for each individual and can be agreed following the initial call and is flexible depending on circumstances. 

We send out a pre-call consultation sheet that asks questions about your individual driving circumstances and situation so that we have most of the relevant information in advance of the call.  This ensures that the 30 minutes can be used as a coaching session with the aim of following up afterwards with our recommendations for the most effective strategies to help.  

Our One to One plan includes two coaching sessions, with the option to arrange additional single coaching sessions should you wish to continue.

Kev Field coaching

 Overcome driving anxiety with our Nervous Drivers Calming Kit

* Learn 8 stress management techniques to calm driving nerves and improve driving confidence
* Overcome driving fear and anxiety with immediate access to our driving confidence hypnosis audio
* Study our online courses to understand more about driving stress, confidence and attention.

Nervous Drivers Calming Kit

If you would like some self-help stress management resources to help you tackle your driving anxiety and improve driving confidence then our calming kit is created by leading industry experts especially for you.  Access to all the resources is online.

positive self talk

These plans are created specifically for drivers and learner drivers looking for online solutions to manage driving nerves and anxiety.  We also have a range of group plans created for driving instructors who would like to offer support offroad to their learner drivers, you can find more details on our ADI page.

One Month

  • 8 Stress Management Techniques
  • Video Guide recommendations
  • Online Courses
  • Created by industry experts
  • Renew or Upgrade anytime


  • 8 Stress Management Techniques
  • Video Guide recommendations
  • Online Courses
  • Created by industry experts
  • Great value 12 months access

1 to 1 Plan

  • 2 x 30min Coaching Calls
  • Mini recommendation report
  • Access to Nervous Drivers Calming Kit
  • Personal Approach
  • Answer questions in advance
  • Focussed on your situation
  • Video or Audio Zoom calls

Subscription Benefits

8 Different Techniques

8 Self-help techniques to manage stress, nerves & driving anxiety and help build your confidence

Video Guides

Video guides to help you choose the most effective techniques for you

Pick and Mix

Mix and match the techniques that suit you and create your unique toolkit to help banish driving nerves

Industry Experts

Change your driving mindset with resources created to reduce driving anxiety by driver training experts

The Driving Confidence Podcast

driving confidence podcast

We created this podcast for drivers who want to be calm and confident on the road recognising that this includes many of you who have been driving for years but still feel nervous about driving and would love ideas on how to build your driving confidence.

Co-hosted by Kev & Tracey Field, each Driving Confidence podcast episode offers bite-sized information and ideas that are both relatable and achievable to help you manage your driving nerves or anxiety and transform how you feel about driving.

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What makes us industry experts?

As well as being a personal development coach, Kev is a grade A driving instructor and one of the top driving instructor trainers working with 100's of other instructors to become the best they can be using coaching techniques in lessons.

Tracey has a diploma in stress management, is a trained mindfulness teacher and is in the final year of her psychology degree.  You can read more about Kev & Tracey's experience on the About page.

Tracey has chosen eight of the most effective stress management techniques and together we have combined our knowledge and experience to apply them to driving anxiety, stress and nerves.

When you subscribe you will immediately have access to the most effective stress management techniques to give you the best opportunity to overcome your driving anxiety and fears.  Each technique has its own page with exercises, audio and video files, allowing you to trial and choose the ones that work best for you. One size does not fit all!

driving lesson confidence

Purchase our Nervous Drivers Calming Kit today to immediately gain online access to eight techniques, including hypnosis audios and online training courses to start managing your driving stress, nerves and anxiety. One month's access to the full range of resources and techniques costs less than the price of an average driving lesson so why not subscribe and start building your confidence and calm your driving nerves today

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